ProPatch™ – High Performance Cold Mix:

Permanent. Quick. Easy to Apply. Open to traffic immediately!

Permanent Repair

ProPatch™ is a permanent high performance patching material that is easily applied under a wide range of climatic and surface conditions. ProPatch™ offers a permanent repair solution, whereas regular grade cold mix offers a temporary repair and is considered to be a short term fix for a long term problem.

Superior Performance

  • High performance repair for potholes, broken pavement and large cracks
  • Equal to or more permanent than hot asphalt
  • Bonds securely with any firm surface, even if wet
  • Can be used in dry, wet and snow conditions
  • Can be used in sub-zero climates and temperatures
  • Saves time and money by not filling the same nasty potholes repeatedly
  • Achieved an ecological classification from the US Fish & Wildlife Services

For highway maintenance professionals and homeowners alike, ProPatch™ is the right choice for efficiency, permanency and reliability of a quality repair.

Product Features

ProPatch™ is a high performance patching material composed of a unique blend of special additives, high quality/modified cutback asphalt and lab approved aggregates. ProPatch™ is specifically formulated to local aggregate specifications and climatic conditions to optimize regional performance. Mix designs are blended seasonally to ensure best possible all-weather performance. Winter mixes can be applied in sub-zero temperatures, adhering in wet and snow conditions, offering a permanent repair all season long.

Quality Control

ProPatch™ is a scientifically blended high performance patching material produced under the supervision of technical staff who follow strict quality control procedures. Aggregate parameters and asphalt adhesion are carefully measured with different additives to develop a unique mix formula. This attention to detail applies whenever and wherever ProPatch™ high performance patching material is produced, which eliminates manufacturing variation and ensures premium quality production. ProPatch™ can be produced in a conventional batch plant or in a portable pug mill.

For more information on ProPatch™, please contact us or view this PDF.

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